Small factory,
big advantages

The Organic Jersey Farm ice cream factory is located near the countryside town of Hagenow in North-eastern Germany and only a stone’s throw away from our Jersey cows’ farmlands.

Fresh daily

Milk is delivered and processed fresh daily and 100% guaranteed organic. For that reason, CO2 output is further reduced by limiting the distance our milk has to be transported from the farm to the factory.

Modern factory

Furthermore, our factory is exemplary in its modern re-use of energy and waste processing and regeneration, using the latest technological advances in this field. Needless to say, a healthy, happy workforce makes all the difference which is why we have several programs for excellent working conditions and care in the community that surrounds the factory.

Fully certified

We abide by the latest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) rules and production procedure.

An IFS certification is in the works.