Farms & factory: our sustainable circle of life

The Organic Jersey Farm ice cream factory is located near the countryside town of Hagenow.

Herb-rich fields and spacious grazing

We manage a collective of four farms in the countryside around Hagenow, abiding by the principles of 4Returns to regenerate the land in a positive cycle of sustainability for all concerned. The herb-rich fields of our farms border on Nature Park Sternberger Seenland, a beautiful conservation area with high biodiversity. There is a lot of space for our cattle to roam freely. This is where our little Jersey cows – with over a thousand head the largest herd of their kind in Northern Europe – work their magic: grazing the fresh grass and herbs on our naturally tended fields and producing their uniquely rich, creamy milk. We use only the natural fertilizer of the cows themselves and ensure that their fields support a natural mix of grasses and herbs.

Little cows, big laughs

Jersey cows are a small breed with big personalities. Known for their playfulness and intelligence, they’re a lot of fun to be around. Some say this free natural spirit adds to the full flavour of our ice cream. Whether that’s true or not; we believe that when our cows are happy, our ice cream ultimately benefits and so will your customers!

Magnificent milk, miniature impact

Their smaller size and modest needs mean they have less impact on the planet, perfect for organic agriculture. But there’s more to these pint size bovine beauties than reduced impact alone; they produce the creamiest milk in the cow kingdom, richer in protein and full of flavour. Perfect for making our ice cream so irresistible! More delicious and 100% organic. Tastes great, feels good.

Better ice cream from better milk:

A2-A2 milk


Unique fatty acid patterns

High in fat and protein content