"You can only produce truly delicious organic ice cream when it’s good from the ground up and back again."

Fanja Pon

Founder & Farmer


100% sustainable, 100% delicious

If you’re looking to give your customers great tasting ice cream from milk that’s 100% organic and produced in the most sustainable way, look no further. Our ice cream factory is state of the art and operates at a manageable scale to guarantee that we can produce some of the world’s best quality organic ice cream with minimal impact on the environment. Since we’re a small team, we have a personal approach, working closely with our customers In retail en foodservice to deliver made to measure solutions.

Our flock in the fields

Our flock of small Jersey cows roam free across our own farmlands nearby, grazing on fresh pastures and giving us intensely rich, creamy milk – perfect for making ice cream. With special attention to good animal welfare, labour conditions and regenerative agriculture, our ice cream is a product of love for great taste. And shows how much we care for the land, the amazing creatures and the great community that produce it!

Let's do business

Great ice cream from a great team

Our little Jersey cows tend to steal the show, but our ice cream is made with heart and soul. By everyone. Whether they work on the farms or at the factory, we’re all part of a local community with a shared sense of purpose: to make the best tasting organic ice cream. And that means we don’t just work hard; we also share a lot of good times in the process, with a real sense of achievement.

Safeguarding a healthy future for all